Friday, September 25, 2015

It's Here! The B'sue Boutiques September CHANGE IT UP Vintage Flair Challenge Blog Hop Big Reveal!

That's a mouthful!

You've seen a LOT of great designs today. Thanks for hanging in there this far! 

As you probably know by now, we all had to choose at least one from these four pieces below to use for the challenge (available for sale here): 

I ordered more than one, because I had no idea where I was going at first. Thankfully, when we were given a link to the wonders of Joseff of Hollywood, the gears started turning. By the time my order arrived and I combined it with my stash hoard, I almost had too many ideas to know where to start!

I wound up saving that tie for strategic steampunk purposes. 

As you can see, the first thing I did was cut the cuff in half. I picked out some vintage from my B'sue Etsy store orders and made the base for two necklaces. 

I let things go bling crazy for the one on the left, which resulted in this piece:

I needed sunglasses to photograph it!

But you can't really see the main element, so while this can get filed under "Vintage Flair," it's not quite changed from how I might use it otherwise. 

No....This is a job for two elements.  Actually two and half, but we'll get to that in a minute.  I bent the floral component (upper left of our choices) all sorts of ways and pondered a bracelet, but it wasn't satisfying on its own. I sat it down on the remaining half of the cuff piece, and knew what I needed to do. 

I took all the skills I've been gathering from my Etsy ventures; my rosary making, my assemblage, my metal bending and coloring...and threw them at this piece. 

I tried the pearl cabochon you see in the stash photo, but it seemed to get lost. Then I remembered; I've had this magical big blue gem since I was a kid. Never had anything it seemed to go with. It's been sitting in a baggie in one my bins forever and a day. 

Not this exact one, but to give you the idea what it looks like.

On this day, it got its time to shine. It needed to be cradled completely, and my one flower bit didn't do the job, so I had to get creative.

*snip!* Good thing I've got a bunch of these!
I stared at all the bright brass looking back at me. Needs something. Despite already being assembled, I needed to be creative again:

Testing 1-2-3...
"Hmm the bottom needs something. What's that? Tassels are a thing again? Say,...."

Without further ado, here she is:

Whee! Thank you Brenda Sue Lansdowne for the inspiration and fun (and all those goodies).

Now it wouldn't be a blog hop if I didn't give you the list of all of us you can visit, so here it is!

You may have started with Brenda's blog here

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Thank you for joining us! 


  1. Hi Leslie, Both necklaces are gorgeous in their own blingy way. I love that blue stone though, so I think that's the winner of the two, not that I could consider either to be a loss. Beautiful.

  2. Yep the blue stone one is my favorite!! You have outdone yourself and made a totally unique piece!

  3. this is a great design and I love it!

  4. I love both designs, but that peek-a-boo blue? GORGEOUS! I love the way you pulled that together. Delish.

  5. Both are great designs. I really like the blue stone it just pops right out at you.

  6. Oh my goodness, both designs are breathtaking. I love your imaginative use of the components, how you embellished them, and how your finished them. You have created two extraordinary pieces of jewelry. They are both beyond beautiful. Wow!

  7. Both pieces are stunning! Love the chains you chose and that second necklace is a stunner. Love everything you did! Ingrid

  8. Beautiful work indeed, you do such an amazing job. So glad you took part in the challenge and you met the task with tremendous VINTAGE FLAIR! THANKS, Leslie!

  9. Leslie, What an awesome job you have done on this necklace. It is quite the statement piece for sure. Beautiful.

  10. Leslie, What an awesome job you have done on this necklace. It is quite the statement piece for sure. Beautiful.

  11. Leslie, What an awesome job you have done on this necklace. It is quite the statement piece for sure. Beautiful.

  12. Superb! Really like what you did with my fave leafy piece wrapping around your blue stone, and the tassel with pearls and multi chains really set off your fab piece! :):)

  13. Wow Leslie you have creative beautiful and elegant designs, both necklaces are so classy, don't you love the leafy stamping? That's my favorite ;) keep up the good work my friend!

  14. Beautuful pieces. They all look like antiques.....well done

    1. OMG WOW and WOW again .. I love what you created Leslie .. simply BEAUTIFUL ..

  15. I have seen some wonderful things today, but, golly, this blue and brass necklace takes my breath.

  16. I just adore that peek a boo with the blue piece, gorgeous! That tassel is just a very nice touch for it too! Well done Leslie!

  17. Wow! You have managed to create 2 stunner pieces. Beautifully executed.

  18. Oh, what beautiful necklace, Leslie .... just a gorgeous design with perfect colors! I love it ... fantastic job! ;)

  19. Stunning pieces! The one with the blue stone is absolutely glorious - it's hard to find the correct word to describe how dynamic it is - head turner, showstopper!! Amazing design, amazing you!

  20. Omg what awesome fabulos Art pieces. Love em, great post

  21. I love both of your creations, Leslie, but that blue stone just rocks the second piece for me!! Great designs.

  22. Both necklaces are amazing. I love all the sparkle and that blue stone is divine! And your mannequin is beautiful also. Did you do her makeup and her pretty hair? The presentation does justice to your talented work!

  23. I love bling and both of these pieces are wonderful!

  24. these look great. My favorite is the one where you wrapped the leaves around the stone and then all the dangles to finish it off.