Friday, September 18, 2015

Ever had an idea that just wanted out?

I had several of those butterfly fairies fluttering about my worktable.

They were just asking to have something interesting behind them, but I didn't want to just attach them flat. If you've seen my wing earrings, you know I've gotten into bending things lately, so sure enough I found myself twisting them all sorts of ways. Here are two that came out of the adventure: 

One of my butterflies was silver plate, so I had to give its raw brass backing a silver treatment. Wound up treating the bead caps, too. I need to remember to look up suggestions for doing that, since it's not so much fun chasing tiny things around on a plate! Funny enough, finding the right beads to match the reddish pink faux-opal effect of the cabochon was the hardest part. "Colors between the colors," indeed!

But "Best in Show" for this lot was definitely this one:

Not so easy to get that opal like effect to show on camera, but you get the idea. I got in some good wire wrapping practice here. 

I'm working steadily now on my pieces for the September "Change it Up" Challenge and blog hop on September 25!

B'Sue Boutiques Change it Up Blog Hop

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