Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It all started with an octopus...

...this one to be exact:

The August Monthly Challenge theme for B'sue Creative Group on Facebook was "End of Summer/Under the Sea." I had a few of these eight-armed fellows hanging around (you can get them here) and some strands of beads that reminded me somewhat of seaweed/coral ocean type scenery, so I decided to play around a bit.

The oxidized brass octopus got the green beads and nautical looking chain. I'm still debating the starfish on this one. Too much green? Perhaps a little Swellegant is in order here.

For the second variation, I used the chocolate octopus above with some of the same beads in ivory. Wow, it wound up looking eerily like bone. I just went with it, and gave him a little skull souvenir. This guy means business!

But the winner turned out to be the octopus I gave a little patina treatment to, along with the turquoise version of the beads:

This one wound up being my August Challenge entry. He won me a spot in the B'sue Boutiques Blog AND the newsletter, which was a first for me, and very exciting!

Haven't decided if I should be selling these or not. Lots of fun to do!

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  1. Fantastic necklaces, I didn't know you made more than one! I love them all!