Friday, April 1, 2016

B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge Blog Hop 3: The Big Reveal

Sorry for The Big Delay before The Big Reveal. On with the show!

So this is it, our third BALC hop!

If you've been following my previous posts, you saw my theme was "black." I thought, "yay, so much leeway!" Then I realized…so much leeway. How do I make the pieces work together?

I decided that on top of pulling from current fashion, I should look back through what I'd done to see if there were any themes, any strong points. I also looked at what I'd ordered lately to see if my mind knew something I didn't. It does that sometimes!

"Hand me the black thing." "Which one?"

I looked at my worktable and what else did I see? Butterflies. I had some patterned parts, also, what would bring it together?

I had just finished the painting and patinas on these drops and cabochon when they sparked a vision. 
Lesson learned here: Gilders Paste darkens when spray lacquered!
This was Tulip Red.
They reminded me of tiles, and suddenly I could see a bistro, open late of course, with the pops of bright reds, hints of sparkle from the lights, and flowers all around. Perhaps a small box garden lining the front of the building…and maybe even a nice, full moon. I could see a female customer, in her flowing, floral skirt and heels, with a butterfly clip in her hair. (Is this my customer, who knows? ;) )

Ted Drake

I know, I'll call it the Midnight Bistro line!  

And these were the first four pieces to come out:

Wait, wait, something's not right here...
A lovely bow and floral motif, a modest statement necklace, a convertible necklace/bracelet, and one of my favorite butterfly designs modified and made into the colors. Black is hard to photograph! Those centers in the silver flowers in the bottom necklace are actually Siam Swarovski Crystals, but the camera doesn't want you to know that. Here's another view:

"Hang on, where did the color go, and where is that fifth piece?"
(That was Ookie! He's late to our party, but he promises he'll be here tomorrow. 
*folds arms and pouts* But I digress.)

The first four above (Sir Fifth Piece not appearing in this film*) are now a sub line I've tentatively dubbed Moonglow Garden. This is because my "second" fifth and sixth pieces came out more like these below. I realized I was making a turn, and that I should just let it flow and see where this went instead. 

Did I mention black was hard to photograph?

Okay, with that out of the way, here's the ACTUAL Midnight Bistro line!

"Geez, that's a lot, can we zoom?"  Clicking the photo should do it.

I used the red and white cabochons I'd initially painted as a bouncing off point. Here are a few before and after pieces:

Slight bit of a difference.

First I added the reds back:

There goes those Siam Swarovskis again. HOW do you photograph them? They're so vibrant in person.

Aha! You have to have direct sun coming from the side.

I had the Peony Cabochon and a certain color in mind...I couldn't wait to use it. I added some soft pink just for good measure. The beads on the leftmost necklace are handmade millifiori beads with tiny pink roses.

"They're so soft, they're soft focus!" Boy, I wish I could show you these colors in person...
(Remember what I said about my mind knowing something I didn't? Look at the Pantone Colors of the Year, there! My Inner Designer was paying attention, and used Rose Quartz and Serenity without my even realizing it. Nice!)

Most pieces had no special backings, but in addition to the one up above, these two pieces below did. Those floral star pieces come in handy here.

I had some good sun today, so I've gotten some better closeups for you:

You can sort of see the variegation I was able to get on the leaves. Painting these was so much fun. You get a better view of the pink millifioris, too. I achieved the glow on the little pink cabochon in the middle pendant by silver leafing the back. It was initially a clear pink piece.

Welp, there's my run-through. Oh wait, I should show you I still have lots to come. Including that pesky Ookie!

I'm still fiddling with that red floral pattern piece. 
I might even try some cagework. Yipes!

I would like to thank Brenda Sue Lansdowne for hosting this class; I've learned SO much! Through this class I have come to understand that I'm in an exploratory phase, that I don't need to push myself to bigger business jussssst yet. I'm enjoying the ride. :)

(*We apologize for the unavoidable Monty Python joke.)

PS:  Ookie is fashionably late, as always.

I'm playing around, but the idea was too much fun not to try. 
Click here to see where the idea originated.
It was fun trying to figure out how to anchor strung pearls without making a small strand for each swag. Can you spot the secret?

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, please keep the hop going with my classmates below!

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